Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Offered Without Comment

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Zines

So here are a few new zines & zines-in-progress I've discovered. I'm short of funds at the moment and can't afford to pick up the for-cash zines, but as the self-appointed "keeper of the zine list", I wouldn't be doing my duty to the community if I didn't point out these existed. I've already added these to the list, but thought I would highlight them in a post.

Just announced via the DCC RPG Google+ Community is Crawling Under a Broken Moon for DCC RPG. I have no idea if this is going to be free or cost a few bucks, but given it's Thundarr-esque, hell yes.

Also for DCC RPG is Crawljammer, soon to be in its second issue. A six-issue Print+PDF subscription will set you back $23.

And let's not forget the EXCELLENT MÖAR METALLITUDE of The Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad which is so awesome it hurts just to pronounce its name. Written for Labyrinth Lord DCC RPG, this is offered in print for $3.50 and/or PDF in a Pay-What-You-Want download at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.

Finally, there's Threshold: The Mystara Magazine, produced by the fans over at The Piazza forums. Each issue is a free PDF and these things are huge; each issue is 150+ pages of Classic D&D Mystara goodness.

Does anyone know of new zines I'm not aware of that need to be added to the zine page?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Rule of the Bones

Whenever two party members are incessantly bickering and driving the rest of the party nuts, another party member may invoke the ancient and rarely used RULE OF THE BONES.

The Rule of the Bones is a powerful and ancient direct line to the gods that is rarely invoked due to its dangerous power. When invoked, two squabbling party members are instantly bound to abide by the outcome of a roll of a die (No Saves).

The die must be cast by a non-squabbling party member. That party member must designate one squabbler as Alpha and the other squabbler as Omega, and then roll 1d6.

Roll 1d6:

1. Both Alpha & Omega are deemed incorrect by the gods; each PC must make a donation equal to 1/3 the value of all possessions currently on their persons to the next church or temple the party passes.

2. Alpha is right. Omega must give Alpha 1/3 of the value of his current possessions or suffer a permanent –5 to ALL rolls for whatever reason for the rest of the PC's existence.

3. Both Alpha & Omega are deemed correct by different gods; they must engage in a naked wrestling match (consult the grappling rules) to determine the winner. The loser of the wrestling match must give the winner 1/3 of the value of his current possessions or suffer a permanent –5 to ALL rolls for whatever reason for the rest of the PC's existence.

4. Omega is right. Alpha must give Omega 1/3 of the value of his current possessions or suffer a permanent –5 to ALL rolls for whatever reason for the rest of the PC's existence.

5. Both Alpha & Omega are deemed incorrect by the gods. The gods smiteth them for bothering them with petty squabbling. Both Alpha & Omega permanently lose 1/3 of current HP and experience a lock on level advancement for 1d6 years.

6. Both Alpha & Omega are deemed correct by the gods. Both party members should shake hands and never speak of this argument again or else experience an immediate reduction to first level.

Bookface Troll & Toad

Yeah, Bookface got in on the Troll & Toad clearance sale a few weeks back and scored some nice stuff.

 More Xcrawl! 3 Rivers Crawl & Phoenix Crawl.

Oh, MSH RPG, how I love you! These were around 49¢ each. The Weird, Weird West is pretty damn cool and Thunder Over Jotunheim is a solo "magic viewer" module (I love those things--ah, solitaire play!)

Hey Bookface, what are those boxes on the table behind you?

 You mean these?

Screaming Eagles by Milton Bradley

Vapor's Gambit by Hyperion

Not from Troll & Toad, but still pretty damn awesome:

Dwarven Dig by Bucephalus Games.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bookface Kickstarter Rewards - Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay

Sometimes, you back a winner. And sometimes the winner is a home run king.

The rewards for backing +Pete Spahn's Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay Kickstarter. Also included was a PDF of the adventure module Oak Grove Whispers in PDF format, so no picture of that, sorry.

I contributed an NPC to the guidebook; find him on page 45, Vlarkvlaaran (a.k.a. "Vlaarn" or "Vlark"). Some of you might remember him from Digital Orc's Veiled Invocation. This time, Vlark is there to confound Tenkar the Tavernkeeper.

You can buy the Chronicles of Amerth here, and the Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay as a PWYW PDF here or in print here or in an extra special print edition here. While you are at it, buy all of Pete's stuff. I'm especially fond of his Brave the Labyrinth zine (3 issues and counting!).

Simply put, Small Niche Games products RAWK!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catching Up With Bookface

Remember back in November when everyone was abuzz over Paizo's "Great Golem" sale? I scored a whole bunch of Goodman Games d20 stuff for under $16, and just realized I never posted about it. Yeah, I know d20 kinda sucks but these were too good to pass up and Goodman Games has always pumped out quality stuff. So, here we go:

JG1 Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor by Robert Conley and Bob Bledsaw

JG2 Citadel of Fire by Bob Bledsaw, Steve Edwards, and Steve Stottrup

Any Judges Guild is good Judges Guild, even if it is d20.

Wicked Fantasty Factory 0: Temple of Blood by Luke Johnson

Wicked Fantasty Factory 1: Rumble in the Wizard's Tower by Luke Johnson

Wicked Fantasy Factory 2: Against the Iron Giant by Luke Johnson

Okay, these are really video gamey and introduce "finishing moves, ""phat lewt", mooks, and a "big boss battle" at the end of the adventure. Over the top, of course--much like the Xcrawl products that follow below.

It isn't intended to be taken seriously--these are over the top on purpose. For crying out loud, their module designation is "WWF"! Of course they are going to be gonzo like a bad action movie! Or Wrestling at the Chase.

Xcrawl: Dungeonbattle Brooklyn by Brendan LaSalle

Xcrawl: Coney Island Crawl by Duane Waldrop and Brendan LaSalle

I love the Xcrawl concept (basically D&D meets The Running Man). I'm never gonna run it, but these scenarios are easily adaptable to other systems, etc.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bookface Show-and-Tell

Look what Bookface picked up:

Picked this up for 25¢ at a local thrift store. Useful somehow for something (cough cough Freeport cough cough).

Oooha! $2, but worth it. Now if only I can find a decent copy of The Monsters of Star Trek . . .

Dungeon Roll is a fairly fun push-your-luck dice game. Excellent for solitaire play, too. I didn't back the Kickstarter and picked this up at my LFGS. Oh, and get yourself a playmat printed on a mousepad, too!

I know, I know — d20. But it was new in box with the shrink still on it, and there are a handful of web enhancements that were written just for this beginner's box (link to my Dropbox).